New Testament Word Studies

Adultery Die 1 Judge
Agreement Die 2, mortal Kingdom
Always Die 3 Kill 1
Amazing Thing Earth

Kill 2, sacrifice

Amen Elder (Older man)


Anointed Endless


Apostle Favor


Authority Fear, Awesome Respect


Baptize Flesh


Benefit Freedom


Blasphemy Gifts 1


Boast Gifts 2 Love
Body Glory

Man, Husband

Complete God


Community (Called Ones) Hades


Darkness Hardship


Deacon Hate


Dead, dead one Head Name
Death, deadly Heart


Demon Heaven Paradise
Desire Heavenly Payment
Destroy, perish Hell Power
Devil Human
Dialect Intend

About Prayer 1 through Prayer 8

This will be a series of eight word-studies that discuss the major kinds of prayers. There are many prayers in the FCR in addition to these. For instance, "Our Father, who is in heaven..." and similar statements that we recognize from the context as being prayers, but do not use words from these eight word-studies.

My purpose in these word-studies on prayer is to show some of the different things we can communicate to God in our prayers, with a view to improving our prayer life and helping us become more sensitive to the many different things that were prayed for in the NT.

Prayer 1 Prayer 4 Prayer 7
Prayer 2 Prayer 5 Prayer 8
Prayer 3 Prayer 6

About Preach - Preach 7

One purpose of this series of eight word-studies about words translated "preach," "preacher," etc., is to show that the NT usage of these words is very different than the meaning of "preach" as it is understood in the realm of Christianity today.

The conclusion reached is that the Greek words usually mean an announcement or proclamation or discussion, and that "preach" is an ecclesiastical word which correctly translates no word in the Greek New Testament and should never be used in translation.

Preach Preach 3 Preach 6
Preach 1 Preach 4 Preach 7
Preach 2 Preach 5

Prophet Sleep 1 Witness
Pure Sleep 2 Woman, Wife
Put Away (Divorce) Sleep 3 Word
Regret Soul Works
Rescue Spirit World
Resurrect Teach Worship 1
Satan Tithe Worship 2
Secret Tongues Worship 3
Shepherd Trust Yield
Sign Truth
Slave Widow

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